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Saturday, December 27, 2014


After months of speculations, the Senior Pastor of Covenant Christian Centre and motivational speaker, Poju Oyemade has finally picked a date for his long awaited wedding. Although it was initially planned to hold this December, it has been postponed to February 7, 2015 because of the annual West Africa Faith Believer's Convention coming up in January. The name of the lucky lady still remains hidden, but she is said to be an active member of his church.

Pastor Poju seldom reveals details about his personal life or the fact that he has been single and discreetly searching.  Ironically, Pastor Poju heads the Singles' Summit, which has transformed the lives of many, changing their perspectives to dating and securing long lasting relationships. It has helped a lot of bachelors and spinsters to find their soul mates after years of searching.
His long years as a bachelor had baffled many as he has all it takes to have any kind of woman he desires.

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