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Friday, December 5, 2014


Do you desire for a naturally gorgeous complexion? Do you wish that you had absolutely beautiful, glowing skin? Follow the tips below and you will definitely get a flawless skin.

EAT A HEALTHY DIET: Healthy proteins and nutritious fruits and vegetables go a long way toward making skin glow. Add these elements to your diet to see quick results:
Omega 3 fatty acids. These are found in fish and walnuts, and are especially beneficial to your skin.

DRINK 6 TO 8 GLASSES OF WATER A DAY:  The water will clear your skin and make it glow because it makes it easier for your body to flush out toxins quickly.
Carry a water bottle with you all day to make sure you always have water on hand.
Drink herbal tea or other non-caffeinated beverages to hydrate when you're tired of water.

 WASH YOUR FACE AT NIGHT: Over the course of the day, makeup, dirt, and oil build up on your face. Make cleansing your skin part of your bedtime routine. Use makeup remover. Not only does this prevent it from clogging up your pores and causing breakouts while you sleep, it also stops you from smearing bacteria on your pillow — where it can get into your skin night after night.

USE A GENTLE SOAP: Remember that you want to clean your skin, not completely strip it of all oils , if it feels tight and dry after washing, you're using something too strong.
Avoid the eye area; the skin around the eye can be too delicate for most cleansers.
Rinse off by splashing water on your face. Using a washcloth or rag to roughly wipe your skin clean can irritate it more. Instead, bend your face over the sink, cup your hands together, and bring up small amounts of water to splash over your face. About 10 splashes should do it.
Pat dry. Don't roughly rub your skin dry with a towel. Instead, dry it with small, gentle pats or let it air dry.

SMOOTH ON SOME MOISTURIZER: Using lotion in the morning acts as a primer for your makeup, helping it "stick" to your face throughout the day. Moisturizing at night helps your skin repair itself and stave off wrinkles. Bottom line, it's one of the best things you can do for glowing skin over the long term.
Consider using a lighter moisturizer during the day. If you're prone to breakouts, save the heavy cream moisturizer for nighttime and use a light or gel moisturizer during the day.
Don't forget your neck and d├ęcolletage. These areas can get super dry and irritated if you never moisturize them.

EXFOLIATE AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK: If your skin tends to be dry and flaky, a weekly exfoliation can clear out dead skin cells. Find an exfoliant that has a super fine grain, and don't rub it roughly into your skin — use light pressure and gentle motions.
A simple scrub of sugar mixed with honey makes a great exfoliator. Rinse it off with warm water.
You could also exfoliate with a dry brush made for the face. Brush your face using small, circular motions.

PROTECT YOUR SKIN FROM THE SUN:  Avoid leathery, tough skin by applying a light sunscreen every time you plan to be outside. The lack of sun damage will keep your skin dewy and supple for years to come. Remember, it only takes 15 minutes to get a sunburn, so be prepared.
Stick to SPF 30 — anything higher doesn't have much more benefit.
Use a foundation or tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, so your face is already covered.

EAT LESS SUGAR AND SALT:  Try to consume less than 45g of sugar on a daily basis, and cut down on salty foods. Eating too much salt can make your face look bloated.

TAKE VITAMINS:  If you're worried you aren't getting enough of necessary vitamins and minerals, try taking a multivitamin. Vitamins intended for pregnant women are especially beneficial to the skin.

WORK OUT: Cardio makes your skin glow because it stimulates blood flow. It's also healthy for your body and will make you stronger. You'll see results immediately and long term, too.
Work out at least three times a week, even if only for half an hour. It improves skin glow.

(Bola Akinboade-Bello is a lifestyle blogger, fashion designer and beauty therapist/cosmetologist. She started her journey into the fashion and beauty industry as a model in 1999 and modelled for top fashion and beauty brands. In March 2006, she joined City People Media Group as a style writer, and rose with a short period to become the Fashion Editor. Her clothing line, Betyl BAT Clothing and Accessories and natural skincare range, Chanterelle Skincare, are doing great in the market)

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