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Friday, February 13, 2015


Chinwe Obiekwe
 If you recall, when Muna Obiekwe died, people who appreciate his acting prowess were not happy he hid his sickness from the public who could have raised fund to save his life. His Step Sister, Chinwe Obiekwe as we just gathered, has in an interview with Inside Nollywood, opened up on the illness which claimed his life and explained why he did not ask for help.
Late Muna
Please read below from her:

“Muna was sick from last year October.It wasn't a normal Kidney failure. It was a high BP that prompted the failure .So he did not give us time to do the kidney transplant because his two kidneys failed. Assuming it was a normal kidney failure, it was supposed to be one kidney. My uncles were planning to come back to Nigeria and operate on him/do the transplant. Then he died on Sunday.
Through out the one year he was sick, we were going for the dialysis .My uncles in Lagos were taking him for the dialysis .”

On the cause of his High Blood Pressure
“Anybody can have high BP because of stress. It wasn't family problems. He was taking his medicines but because he was always on set, he didn't have much time to take his medicine properly.”

On why he didn't ask for help
“Anybody can say anything. Muna is a private person. You people should be surprised that he didn't bring out what was wrong with him on the internet because, he was a man.My family was ready to operate on him. It’s not that he couldn't ask for help, but at times, there are problems that come to you ,you know it can be sorted by your family .That Muna didn't tell you people he was sick was because he was a private person who didn't talk about his private life .

To those who say he did not open up. I’m going to use this term ...F-k them. Now that he is dead. Did those people come to contribute to his burial? So this is the reason he saw everything and refused to ask for help.”

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