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Saturday, February 28, 2015


If you want to have soft, clear skin, follow the steps below.

CATCH MORE SLEEP:  Lack of sleep causes stress, which can lead to abnormalities in skin structure and function, worsening conditions like acne.

EAT LESS SUGAR:  Excess levels of insulin can lead to the growth of pore-clogging cells, as well as overactive oil gland activity.

EXERCISE MORE: Exercise increases circulation that delivers more oxygen to skin cells and carries cellular wastes away.

DRINK MORE WATER: Upping your water intake is a great way to flush internal toxins and hydrate your skin from inside out.

TAKE OMEGA-3S: They control the production of leukotriene B4, which can increase sebum and cause inflammatory acne.

DE-GERM YOUR CELL: Keep germs away from your face by wiping the surface of your phone with a little hand sanitizer each day.

·         Use a Makeup Remover
·         Pick the right cleanser for your skin type
·         Wash your face twice a day, avoid over-cleansing.
·         Never go to bed with a dirty face
·         Exfoliation is key to a smooth clean face. Do it once or twice a week
·         Avoid commercial bar soaps, they will dry out your face
·         Do you need a Toner? Toners aren’t for everyone, but if you have oily skin, a toner is a great way to get rid of any excess oil and help mattify your skin before makeup application.

·         ACNE PRONE:  Use, a medium to full coverage foundation to cover textured skin.
·         AGING: Heavy product can settle into fine lines and wrinkles so opt for a light coverage liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer.
·         DRY: To quench your dry skin throughout the day, use a light coverage, hydrating foundation
·         OILY: To ditch the shine, choose a medium to full coverage foundation
·         NORMAL: If you are one of the lucky ones, the level of coverage is really up to personal preference! Test out matte and luminous options to decide which texture you like best

(Bola Akinboade-Bello is a lifestyle blogger, fashion designer and beauty therapist/cosmetologist. She started her journey into the fashion and beauty industry as a model in 1999 and modelled for top fashion and beauty brands. In March 2006, she joined City People Media Group as a style writer, and rose with a short period to become the Fashion Editor. Her clothing line, Betyl BAT Clothing and Accessories and natural skincare range, Chanterelle Skincare, are doing great in the market)

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