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Monday, April 20, 2015


There is power in a made-up mind. The spiritual, mental and material resources God has positioned around our lives seem to respond to our decisions. Life seems eager to aid us once our minds are made up.
You must decide your career, family, health, financial and spiritual goals.

Also, you must decide your personal values. Your values are standards that you truly believe in. They determine your priorities. Examples of values are integrity, love, excellent customer service and accountability.

Now, let me suggest some steps as you take the decisions that will determine your destiny.

  • First, write down your goals for the next five years
  • Secondly, arrange those goals in order of priority.
  • Thirdly, select the goal that is of highest priority to you.
  • Then make a plan. It will help you to see how you will progress from one stage to the other.
  • Finally, take action. Do one thing every day that will move you towards the fulfillment of your goals. And remember that if you do not have goals, you are doomed forever to work for those who do.

(Sam Adeyemi, insightful teacher, leadership coach and author of several books on successful living , is the President of Success Power International. He hosts the radio and television programme ‘Success Power’ which is broadcast in Nigeria and many other nations. He also pastors Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos, Nigeria, a church with the vision of raising role models of excellence)

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