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Monday, April 27, 2015


Michelle Obama rocks the curly 'Whitney' hairdo
Michelle Obama's beauty moves are always good, and sometimes brave - as was her latest hair choice at the annual correspondents' dinner at the weekend. The First Lady sent waves through middle American salons on Saturday - quite literally - turning up to event with a new curly and tightly ringletted hairstyle, a look inspired apparently by the late Whitney Houston, circa 1991.
Whitney Houston and 'that hair,' in 1991
Obama's usually slick, straight hair was transformed by a curling tonged, left to bounce, move and tumble over her face - for a playful, twist on the bob, the 'do' de rigueur for 2015.
Michelle Obama's new 'Whitney' haircut tells us that business women are becoming more at ease with showing a diverse and confident side to their personalities in a dated conservative world. Curls have lost their 'silly' connotations. Curls can mean business now."

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