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Thursday, June 25, 2015


We all know that sugar has the worst of all in terms of reputation. It would most likely get you asking why sugar is blamed for most things despite the good sides of it, for example we know that sugar help increase our energy level and play a unique role in our daily life. So why then is everyone telling me to stop the use of sugar or dance to it’s tune when it starts playing.
Aside from the fact that sugar adds extra calories to many food and which we know is responsible for weight gain, the reason also goes beyond that. However we should know that sugar can disguise under so many names such depends on the brand or food you are consuming, sugar is a simple carbohydrate that the body use for energy.
But you should know that not all sugar are actually bad for the body, such as sugar found in natural fruits, whole grain and veggies, they make up a crucial part for a healthy diet.

We can only be at serious risk if the sugar in our meal is extra, which can cause cardiovascular diseases & obesity. Sugar is made up of two parts- one molecule of glucose and the other one, molecule of fructose. It requires lots of work for the liver to break these compounds down; the liver is responsible for breaking most of the glucose in the body. Putting sugar in liquids form like, say for example, soda or juice, means it would even hit the liver quicker than normal, different from eating something of the same equivalent dose such as apple, and it means the liver has to metabolize the fructose and glucose more faster. Some studies have proven that when a significant amount of fructose hits the liver of some animals very fast, a large part of it is converted to fat. But in humans this sort of conversion of fat causes insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome, this often contributes to the development of diabetes.
Aside from the fast weight gain and obesity it causes, studies also shows that overdoing sugar especially fructose can easily lead to many other forms of medical conditions associated with metabolic syndrome, which liver toxicity and cardiovascular disease is among. Change in metabolism may also have an effect on hormonal signals, which could likely result in the damaging of liver, just similar to the side effect of excessive alcohol. Like tobacco, alcohol, sugar affects the hormone levels in the brain, which can certainly lead to decreased feelings of fullness and increased consumption instead.
As the saying goes “Too Much Of Everything Is Bad” try to keep in check from time to time if you’re not beginning to go the EXTRA route.

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