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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Jogging/running is considered to be one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world and most people do this as a daily routine, in-fact personally I think it’s the easiest form of exercise cause it allows you to free your mind and focus on the race, this could even contribute to your daily work-life and help you stay charged.
Regular running builds strong bones, improves cardiovascular fitness and helps to maintain a more healthy weight. The difference though! Between jogging and running is intensity, but both are forms of aerobatic exercise.
Running or jogging is a popular form of physical activity, going by stats, about one in five of Australians try running/jogging at some stage in their life, I wish Nigerians can adopt more of this rather than the regular no exercise life they currently live. In this article, BOLA AKINBOADE-BELLO brings to you some benefits of jogging/running
Running or jogging offers lots of health benefits, running can help build strong bones for example. As it is a weight bearing exercise, strengthens your muscles, improves cardiovascular fitness and help burn plenty of kilojoules. Help maintain a healthy weight.

The difference between these two forms of exercise is that jogging is intensity and running is faster. Running uses more kilojoules and it demands more efforts from the heart, from the lungs and from the muscles than jogging does. Running requires more level of overall fitness than jogging. But you need to know that jogging and running are just forms of physical activity that produces energy by combining oxygen with blood and glucose or body fat.
You should think of what exactly you hope to achieve from running or jogging, issues to consider may include the following:- getting fit, should start with brisk walking, then progress to jogging, and finally gear-up for running. This should takes some few months.
General fitness- mix running with some other forms of exercise, such as swimming, which personally I totally agree with, I do this from time to time.
Try seeing your doctor to know if you are in shape for running program, it wouldn’t be funny if your heart seizes and you collapse while running/jogging, this is especially more important for people around the age of 40 years and above. Or for those who are overweight or have a chronic ailment. A pre-exercise screening is used to detect If the person is under serious risk of experiencing a health problem if they actually adopt he running/jogging tradition of keeping fit.
If you pass such test, make sure before you hit the road, you warm up and do some stretches thoroughly before you finally hit the road.
Also cool your body down by doing lighter stretches after you return from your trip.

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