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Friday, June 26, 2015


Let's get rid of that headache. It does you no good to have that headache so just completely relax and allow yourself to let go. Remove the tension and relax even more than before. Start counting backwards from 100 and with each number you say, the headache goes further and further away. After a while, all the numbers will be gone and so will the headache. Breathe slowly and deeply, in from the deepest part of your belly and out slowly from your mouth and see all the tension go away and all the good feelings come into your body. In this article, BOLA AKINBOADE-BELLO brings to you the natural approach to headache. Enjoy!

There are many reasons that can cause your head to bang as if you have a gold mine that is being dug inside your head; I’ll talk a-bit on’em today.

THE STRESS FACTOR: stress can be a very big reason why you feel serious headache, when you are going through a lot of things and your brain can’t seem to have a space to even process one project at a go, this can stretch your tissues and provoke a sudden headache. In cases like this, if you notice stress is the cause of you having headache at a particular time, just take a time-out and use the first method discussed in the opening chapter of this article, or better still take a short nap.
THE HUNGRY FACTOR:  sometimes depriving yourself of food can provoke severe headache that would make you feel you would pass-out in few minutes time, food is very essential to every humans life and if your body feels you are not giving it what it requires at a certain time it requires it, then this can easily spark-up war in the body system. What you should do in cases like this, is to get food, but hay!! Not so fast cowboy, before you start taking revenge on the hunger by throwing chunks of food down your throat, first drink at least drink one full glass of water to open your gateway. This would prevent choking yourself by forcing food down your throat. Now that the water has the done the opening ceremony! You can now eat and feel yourself up.
THE WATER THERAPY:  this therapy has always worked for me a lot; here’s how I do it. I do have a bathroom in my office, when I begin to feel this severe headache that just refuses to go away, then I make my way to the bathroom either at home or when am in the office. I would then take a very cool shower, when I say cool shower I don’t necessarily mean iced water, that can be suicidal in cold regions, I mean a calm bath by allowing the water to fall mainly on my head and make its way down, I sometimes stay in the shower for about 3-4mins and then I clean-up my body without drying most of the water on my head, then I walk back to my desk/bed and just relax and clear my mind off.
IN CONCLUSION: consider the short nap therapy too as a very effective method, I do the water and short nap therapy a lot and it never fails me. Try to relax with your back down and face-up then dose off for maybe 5-10mins or 20mins at most, by the time you reboot yourself, you’ll be the better you again.

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