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Friday, July 10, 2015


Does razor bumps and the after effect of razor shaving bother you and you’re seriously in need of a quick & none bottle-neck solution? In this article, BOLA AKINBOADE-BELLO brings to you some very helpful tips that might hopefully be of help to you.
First let’s start with the prevention aspect of effects of razor shaving.
SHAVING UNDER WARM WATER AND RINSING OFF WITH COLD WATER:Warm water will soften your hairs and make your skin less prone to irritation. Then after you must have finished shaving, cold water will close up the pores, preventing infection and irritation.

DO NOT SHAVE ON DAILY BASIS: Do not shave too often and also allow your hair to grow out a bit before shaving it again. Give your bumps time to heal and use the razor every other day, at the most.

USE A SHAVING CREAM: Shaving cream will also moisturize your skin and soften your hairs, making them easier to eliminate. Bumps appear more easily when your skin is dry and prone to irritation.

MAKE SURE YOUR RAZOR IS SHARP: Always use new and sharp razors. Dull razors will irritate the skin around the follicle and cause ingrown hairs. But apart from this, old and rusty blades can also carry great amounts of bacteria, which can be transferred to the skin during shaving. This will not help your existing razor bumps to heal on time. If you don’t have a new blade, and you are planning to use the old one, always remember to use alcohol to clean your razor.

USE A MOISTURIZING LOTION AFTER SHAVING: This would reduce the chance of redness and irritation after shaving, and also decrease the risk of razor bumps.

DON’T PICK AND SCRATCH YOUR RAZOR BUMPS: Another thing you should bear in mind is to always resist the urge to pick your razor bumps and do not scratch and rub the affected area(s). You will slow down the healing process and cause even more irritation.

CHANGE YOUR SHAVING TECHNIQUE: Instead of the regular shaving in an upward motion, try shaving downwards, in the direction of the hair growth. This will help prevent razor bumps.

There are for example so many effective creams and natural home remedies to treat razor bumps and reduce the appearance of scars and marks left by infected ingrown hairs. Try the ones listed below. They will most certainly help you.
You can efficiently heal infection with a daily application of different what we call (over the counter) antibacterial and antibiotic creams. Although it is my advice to always consult your pharmacist/doctor before applying any type of such creams.
RETIN-A- CREAM: Try using Retin-A cream to treat razor bumps. It is a topical derivate of vitamin A that helps sooth irritated skin and reduce, or even prevent razor bumps scars.
HYDROCORTISONE CREAM:Hydrocortisone cream can help reduce swelling and redness caused by inflammation. It soothes irritated skin, alleviates itching and helps you get rid of razor bumps fast.
ASPIRIN: Salicylic acid, the main metabolite of aspirin, is also an active ingredient of many acne products. It removes dead skin cells, liberates pores, and kills bacteria that have attacked hair follicles. It therefore reduces redness and inflammation.
What you should do!Simply crush-up some few aspirin and mix it with water to form a paste. Apply the mixture over razor bumps, let dry, and then rinse off with lukewarm water. This will help bumps disappear quickly.
WITCH HAZEL: Witch hazel has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and astringent properties, which help calm irritated and inflamed skin.
Pour some witch hazel hydrosol on a cotton pad and wipe it over razor bumps.
ALOE VERA LOTION OR GEL: Aloe vera is also a good antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent that helps soothe and heal skin infections and inflammations. Just apply a small amount of aloe vera gel or lotion to the affected area and allow the skin to absorb it. This will help you get rid of razor bumps pretty fast.
TEA TREE OIL: Finally! Tea tree oil antiseptic and antibacterial properties can also be very useful in preventing and treating razor bumps and infections.

Exfoliate your skin twice weekly using a body scrub, a loofah sponge, or a mitt.
  • Exfoliation will remove dead skin cells, providing a closer shave. It will also help blades cut hairs more easily, and with less irritation to the skin.
  • Regular exfoliation will also open up clogged pores and prevent existing razor bump infections, while discouraging the development of the new ones.
I’m seriously hoping this article helps you tackle the issues of after-shave bad effects, believe me it is not a very pleasant feeling if after shaving you then pass through some very un-easy experiences.

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