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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I just stumbled on this story and it's so touching. As a young girl in Nigeria,  Beauty vlogger and makeup artist, Shalom Blac and her younger sister were badly burned by hot oil. Shalom was only 9-years-old when an accident with hot oil caused her to suffer burns to her face, hands and shoulders, along with losing most of her hair.

The incident happened in her mum’s grocery store where she also sold fried food during the evenings. She was tired and wanted to go to sleep. Her mum asked her to sleep in the room inside but when she got there, she was scared by a cat so decided to sleep elsewhere on a table.Her younger sister was also placed alongside on the table later on.

They both slept until they woke up suddenly after scathing hot oil fell on both sisters. It was a terrible scene as they were rushed to the clinic but when they were told that there were no doctors on duty.She fainted soon after…

Eventually, an aunt helped the family move to the United States of America where she had numerous operations. It was very tough dealing with the scars. She was bullied and considered suicide. Eventually, she discovered makeup and today she is an emerging beauty vlogger.

After years of trying to conceal her scars, the 20-year-old now has a powerful message about self confidence to share with the world.

“I love myself for who I am, I’ve accepted what’s happened to me, so I really don’t care if someone has something negative to say,” she says on her YouTube channel.

Along her story on self-love, Shalom also shares helpful advice with fellow burn survivors and acne sufferers on how to conceal scars.

But she’s keen to stress that people should not rely on makeup to feel beautiful - “You should love yourself either way—makeup or no makeup.”

Watch her tell the story and also see a makeup video by Shalom B

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