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Friday, March 25, 2016


Easter, which celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, is Christianity’s most important holiday. Virtually all Christians mark Easter. The ways they celebrate it vary. However you choose to celebrate Easter it's a great time to spend together with friends and family, enjoying one another's company and a great meal.

COOK SOMETHING TASTY: Easter Sunday usually means time with family and friends. Beyond spending time together it can be a lot of fun to share great home-cooked meals with one another. Think about making one of your favorite meals, treats, or snacks to share with those close to you.

SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY AND FAMILY: Holidays are great opportunities for us to spend time with our loved ones, enjoying the time together. Easter Sunday is no exception and it's a wonderful time to enjoy with your family. Make some plans with your loved ones to make your Easter together a great one. Invite your family and friends to share the holiday with you.
HAVE AN EASTER EGG HUNT: An iconic part of Easter is the Easter egg. These highly decorative eggs are often used in a fun scavenger hunt where children try to find the most of the hidden Easter eggs. Whether you're hunting for the eggs or hiding them, having an Easter egg hunt can help make your Easter an enjoyable one.

GATHER YOUR MATERIALS: Dyeing Easter eggs can be a fun way to spend time together with your family and make some great Easter decorations. However, before you can get started you will need to gather a few key things.

  • A cup to hold the dye

  • A spoon or tongs for the eggs

  • Hard boiled eggs

  • Liquid food coloring or egg dye

  • Paper towels to let eggs dry on

  • Optional decoration tools such as clear wax crayon to draw designs on the egg

PREPARE YOUR EGGS: Dyeing a raw and unprepared egg can result in a potential mess if it breaks and may carry a risk of disease. Preparing your Easter eggs can make them last longer and prevent them from making a mess if they break. Before you get started dyeing your eggs you will need to prepare them properly.

  • Add water to a pot and place your eggs in the water, making sure the eggs are cover by about an inch.

  • Bring the water to a boil.

  • Remove the pot from the burner and add a cover.

  • Let the eggs sit for about 12 minutes.

  • Drain the water from your eggs and refrigerate until you are ready to decorate.

DYE YOUR EGGS: Coloring your Easter eggs is the focus of the decorating process. Dunking the eggs in cups that are filled with dyes will impart bright and interesting colors onto the white surface of the egg shell. Take the following steps to properly dye your eggs.

  • Add water and dye to a glass.

  • Place the egg in the color you want it to be dyed.

  • Remove the egg with a strainer or spoon.

  • Place the egg on a paper towel and allow to dry.

  • The longer the egg sits in the dye, the darker the color will be.

MAKE USE OF YOUR DECORATED EASTER EGGS: After you have enjoyed creating your designs it's time to show them off or think about fun ways you might want to use them. Look over some of the following examples to get an idea of how you can use your newly decorated Easter eggs.

  • Create a display that showcases your designs

  • Hide your Easter eggs to create a fun Easter egg hunt

  • Have a competition to see who's eggs are the best in categories such as most artistic, best design or brightest colors.

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