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Monday, May 23, 2016


Infidelity can ruin relationships; trust in all spheres including loyalty, finances and commitment are equally important to keep the bond strengthened. It is important to identify cracks, other than betrayal, in your relationship. Here are seven ways to see red and hit the alert button.

Remember, sometimes emotional affairs with someone outside the relationship can be more painful than sexual encounters. With social media playing a major role, many feel seriously betrayed by their partner's intimate connection on the Internet. While those who indulge in emotional affairs may see no wrong since they are not having sex with the person online, the secrecy of the relationship is enough to cause feelings of betrayal. One of the main reasons behind such affairs is lack of intimacy in relationships. There also might be those who are obsessed with personal late night chats online. Gathering enough proof to confront your partner if you doubt him/ her is the first step towards solving this problem.

Opening up to friends or family about your partner's annoying habits may seem harmless, but there is a fine line between how much of personal information you reveal to others. The complaints should never seem like you are ridiculing your partner. This can further lead to an emotional affair, if you are confiding in someone who you are also attracted to.Your relationship with your partner or spouse has to be the most intimate and private relationship in your life. If you are sharing mutual love, care and happiness, it is your partner who deserves to know about your feelings and not some other person. Considering that your partner has a private life and trusts only in you, sharing too much information with outsiders amounts to betrayal, leading to your partner feeling inadequate, sad or frustrated.? Keeping secrets always backfires since even if your spouse never finds out what you said, it creates coldness between you.

Various addictions (like smoking, alcohol, drugs, food, phone addiction or even workaholism), act as major factors of breaches in trust.

There are times when you may feel that you are not in the right relationship and your partner is not perfect. Instead of a direct approach, your partner may sweet talk you into making lifestyle changes. It takes time to realise this kind of betrayal, since it is masked with well-meaning gestures. Deep down if you feel that your partner is being manipulative and trying to bring about a personality change in you, it is your right to confront your partner. You may bring about changes, only if you are comfortable with them.

Financial infidelity can have a negative impact since it breaks down fundamental trust in the relationship. Love and respect share the same wall. When in a relationship money is swindled, there is an obvious breach of trust, which can lead to a feeling of being cheated. This is perhaps a bigger betrayal than when one encounters a similar situation from the outside world.

When you always put your needs and wants first and ignore what your partner feels but he/ she is always concerned about you, be assured that the relationship is not going to survive for long. Your partner may be accommodating for a long time but after being taken for granted time and again, it will come to a point where they will be forced to demand equal attention to their needs. Step back and think about it if you want to save the relationship.

Remember that your partner and you are a team who should stand up for each other. If you allow people to speak against or badly about your partner, it may come across as betrayal, which can ruin the relationship. Rather than having public confrontations, wait to speak to your spouse in private if you have a difference of opinion.

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  1. What is the purpose of your relationship? And on the other hand, what are the preferences of the person you're in the relationship with? Those will determine what makes a list of things to do or things not to do.
    I'm getting irritated with this newly in vogue institution called a relationship and the million rules people are designing about it. Why so complicated?