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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


The worst that many Americans fear could occur at the Presidential elections in November has happened! Donald Trump is on the way to becoming Republican nominee for the US presidential elections! Trump emerged the last man standing after Governor John Kasich on Wednesday suspended his campaign ahead of officially dropping out of the Republican race.

This development follows the pulling out of another aspirant, Ted Cruz on Tuesday night following crushing defeat to Trump in Indiana. Vox reports that Kasich has already admitted what’s been obvious for months — he can’t win the Republican nomination.

 “Coming on the heels of Ted Cruz’s withdrawal from the race Tuesday night, Kasich’s decision leaves Donald Trump as the only candidate remaining in the race, and the unquestioned nominee presumptive of the Republican Party,” Vox wrote.

It continued: “Kasich’s announcement is essentially a formality. He was mathematically eliminated from winning a delegate majority back in mid-March. He only ever managed to win one contest, his home state of Ohio. And he’ll conclude the race with a mere 155 delegates, a total that puts him behind not only Trump and Cruz but also the long-gone Marco Rubio.

Apart from CNBC, NBC, Vox and Yahoo, reports all over say that Kasich had been scheduled to make a campaign appearance today but cancelled to admit that it was time to pull out.

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