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Sunday, June 26, 2016


The beauty queen turned media personality at the beginning of the year alluded in her Ghost Magazine cover shoot, to facing her body goals squarely.

Having constantly evolved through various phases since relinquishing her crown as most beautiful girl in Nigeria in 2007, Muna has since showed us various elements to her persona. From rap queen to screen goddess, she is constantly pushing herself to embody new roles. In the start of the year, Muna opened up on her body challenges and her fitness goals for the year 2016.

Just in time for summer, Muna is dropping mad kilos with the help of fitness instructor @Shitsuke_fitness. In line with the summer craze, everyone wants that fleeky summer body and her fitness instructor has shared tips with me to achieve personal body goals in the same amount of time it takes to watch one Game of 

Thrones episode by following Muna’s routine which he enlisted us with.
The Journey Muna is on includes plenty of High Intensity Interval Trainings to increase her metabolism and blast fat. The exercises are aimed at achieving and improving weight loss, overall fitness and core strength. Tabata for additional variation in intensity and maximum cardio and fitness goals” – Bimbo, Fitness trainer @shitsuke_fitness


3 minutes warm up

90 seconds stretch

3 rounds of (20 seconds each)

    Jumping Jacks
    High Knees
    Push ups
    Mountain Climbers
    Leg lifts
    Iron butterfly

2 rounds of (1 minute each) Tabata

    High Knees
    Jumping Jack

Whatever your inspiration this summer is, #Munabodychallenge is way to help you get back on your initial goals from those 2016 resolutions from January and what better way to than to follow the journey with @munachiabii and @shitsuke_fitness via Instagram.

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