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Monday, June 13, 2016


Former beauty queen, Anna Banner has revealed her relationship with singer, Flavour is over.  Anna, who recently went on a rant and posted a meme suggesting her relationship with the father of her child is troubled, has now confirmed it has ended. Banner hinted her relationship with Flavour might have ended because of his other baby mama, Sandra Okagbue.

“First of all, Flavour and I are no longer together. Secondly, my post has/had nothing to do with Flavour. It was just a beautiful write up that made sense to me and I decided to share it with my fans. We are no longer together. I made this decision recently. I spoke to myself and decided it was time to move on and focus on my future and career, ’Anna said.

“I never decided to become a baby mama ,I just fell in love. I fell in love and got pregnant unexpectedly for the man I loved. I had never gotten pregnant before and I was scared of abortion.
“I decided to keep my baby no matter what. I never tried to hold a man down or force marriage on anyone with my pregnancy. You know in life, the hardest decisions always turn out beautiful. I don’t regret keeping my baby one bit. She is my greatest achievement in life so far. I fall in love with her every second of the day’’.
‘I never knew Flavour was with another woman while we were dating. We started dating way before ‘Golibe was composed’. He never mentioned/admitted he had any relationship ties with anyone even after rumour had it that he was dating someone else and she was even pregnant for him. I believed him’’.
‘’I confronted him again when I heard she had put to bed and it seemed true. He accepted after much talk but unfortunately I was already pregnant, never knew I was pregnant until I was one month gone. What was I supposed to do? Take out my precious child? Hell no.I believe God sent her to me for a reason.

So you see, it was never my intention to break anybody’s relationship or come in between two lovers. I just never knew. For those of you out there judging and persecuting me for something you know nothing about, let me ask; Are you better than I am? Is it okay by God for you to Judge me when he has forgiven me all my sins?’’.

Anna concluded saying her mind is free. ‘’Love is pain but there is a limit to pain and I choose to walk free’’.

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