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Monday, June 27, 2016


Nollywood screen diva, Dakore Akande has revealed the secrets of her marriage! According to her, she put a lot into the union to make it work and although it has not been easy, it is very fulfilling.

She gave hints on how she made her marriage work.

“I try to identify the things we have in common and of course accentuate them. I work more on those things. We can’t be the same. I think it would be boring. It’s nice to complement each other but for the things that we have in common, we bond over that and we let it glue us more and more together. And for the differences, we try and talk about them. Believe me, marriage is not easy but it’s very fulfilling.”

The actress, who revealed acting interfered with her being a mother, said “It kind of did, it took me away. I was away from work. Of course I didn’t want to be on set pregnant. And even though I was pregnant with my second child on Unconditional, but no one knew. But after that, I decided I won’t do it again.”

Dakore expressed joy about being a mother of two. “…it is amazing; it was hard at first. I hadn’t slept properly since then because when you have kids, they always seek your attention. It was challenging at first, I won’t lie. I was a little bit old when I had my first. I was 33 when I had her so I was already set in my ways. I like to be able to just get up and go, and then I felt really slowed down. It was a bit frustrating but I love the baby and I want to be there for her.

 “And when I got pregnant for the second one, I was used to it. But I’m happy. I’m really happy that I have both of them. They keep me young. I think part of why people say I look 18 is because I run around with them. It keeps me in touch with that childish side of me. They are amazing. They are the best. My daughter just graduated from nursery school and I was just screaming. She’s so smart”.

“Six years. We’ve been together ten years but have been married for six,” she added.

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