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Monday, April 25, 2011


A-list actress, Stephanie Okereke is taking another giant stride in her blossom career as she is set to launch her online magazine, “Stephanie” and her perfume line in the next couple of weeks. Along with the online magazine and fragrance, she will also be launching her new movie titled “Dry”. The movie is a thriller focused on Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF).
She is thinking beyond being a regular Nigerian actress and is expanding on all fronts. Stephanie is one actress that always strives to improve her craft so this might not come as a surprise to those who have been following the career of this talented actress closely.
But a lot of people might wonder how she develop her passion for the online affirmity, she is one of the most consistent celeb on facebook, always updating and sharing stuff and lighten things up, which has endeared a lot of people to her. She has one of the fastest growing facebook fan pages of an African Actress, over 278,000 and counting.
The web magazine is an expression of Stephanie Okereke’s style, cravings, projects, achievements, opinion and ideas to thousands of fans, home and abroad looking for a viable avenue to connect with her. Through her magazine, she will be building a community where everything her fans desire to know, everything they are curious about, and everything she has achieved is shared and celebrated.
Her aim is to bring her fans closer to her, and letting them into her world and sharing bit by bit info and gist on what’s happening in the world of showbiz. She will be working with an awesome team to produce witty, fun, and entertaining articles.
We also gathered that her marriage plans is also in its final state.
It will be recalled that there were some negative perceptions about her engagement to her fiancé, Linus Idahosa, the Chief Executive of Del-York International couple of months back. The news which made around town was that Linus family battles Stephanie and were not in support of their marriage plans. And this was generated because of the fact that Linus Idahosa publicly proposed to star actress Stephanie Okereke at Jay-Jay Okocha's Club 10, last October, fans and friends have been waiting eagerly for announcement of wedding plans. The delay in the announcement of wedding plans kept tongues wagging.
Although Stephanie had since debunked the story stating her marriage plan
is intact and that everything is going on smoothly and on schedule.
Indeed, she has not only proved her critics wrong but will soon be walking down the aisle with her beau .Her wedding plans to her heartthrob, Linus Idahosa is already in top gear, and if you would know, this tall and lanky actress has started shopping for her wedding items.

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