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Monday, July 23, 2012


Prezzon & Joy Wanjohi
Prezzo & Goldie

Prezzo's ex-wife, Daisy on wedding day

Prezzo and daughter, Zahrie

Sheila Mwanyigah
Controversial Kenyan rapper and self-styled King of bling, Jackson Makini popularly known as  Prezzo, is one of the  Kenya representatives in Big Brother Africa Star Game 7.He started making headlines at the show when his affair with his housemate and Nigerian representative, Goldie came to limelight.
And Goldie’s eviction has brought to an end one of Big Brother Stargame’s most tumultuous love affairs. Goldie and Prezzo have had an emotional time in the house and after a mammoth fight in the afternoon of Sunday July 15, 2012, the pair saw their time together come to an end in the evening.
When Goldie’s name was announced to leave the house, she simply turned and walked away from Prezzo, but he followed her to the doors and asked for a hug. After considering it briefly, she gave him the most cursory of hugs before exiting the house for good.
We gathered that the Lagos-based singer, Goldie still has feelings for Prezzo, saying she believed their affair was genuine.
“I came to care for him very much, it just happened, I developed feelings for him and I think they are genuine,” she said.
The 28-year-old singer simply said that she is leaving everything in the hands of God.
“I don’t’ really know what will follow next, but am leaving everything in the hands of God, I will see what comes up,” she said.
Goldie joins the list of women linked to Prezzo.
In this report, presents to you the other women in Prezzo's life.

Daisy Kiplagat is Prezzo's ex-wife and they have a child together, Zahrie Bhoke. Daisy is a daughter of a senior former MP in government. They had issues that befall 'prominent personalities'.
Recently, the singer showed up at a public function with his estranged wife and insisted that they were still an item.
And even after separating with his wife Daisy Kiplagat, Prezzo still refers to her as family. He was bragging about his wife and daughter to his housemates, Barbz from South Africa at the Stargame show.
Prezzo went on to brag about his wife and daughter during another presentation for his housemates and even showed off photos of Daisy and their daughter Zahrie Bhoke. This comes as a suprise as most fans expected that he would be referring to his new girlfriend Joy Wanjohi but surprisingly he has not brought up her name.

The former model became his new flame after his marriage with Daisy Kiplangat went to the rocks.
The Nataka Tupendane rapper has been spotted with Joy Wanjohi, who used to work at Phat Magazine, in several high profile entertainment events.
They met a long time ago when she was working at Phat Magazine, but didn't start dating until two years ago.
In an interview, he opens up on his affair withJoy; "Joy is an amazing person. She is beautiful. We are happy together," Prezzo said, when asked whether the two planned to take their love affair to the next level.
"It is public knowledge that we are in love. There is a way that time puts things in the right place. We will cross that bridge when we get there."

Sheila Mwanyigah is a prominent Kenyan musician, TV personality and a celebrated Radio Host.
She co-hosted the popular TV show, the Tusker Project Fame sponsored by East Africa Breweries which nurtures talented young people with interest in music career.
Aside T.V shows, Sheila is a radio host which she takes on with a lot of softness and tenderness.
She  is also a musician  known as Nikki to her fans, although she hasn't been very prolific in her music career.Her last album Twisted Straight, which was released by Pine Creek Records  did well.
She has been previously associated in a romantic relationship with the Kenyan rapper, Prezzo.


  1. Point of correction,Goldie wasn't one of Prezzo's women. She was his door mat and slave.

  2. I thought he was gonna leave on sunday...All em women in his life....cassanova will always be one.

  3. The guy was nt even worth the stress.

  4. the end justifies the means