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Monday, December 24, 2012


The much awaited blockbuster movie “My Life My Damage” produced by Nollywood actress cum producer Uche Jombo Rodriguez will on February 1,2013 premiere at the Ozone Cinemas, Lagos.
The producer Uche Jombo has been in the Nigerian movie industry for more than a decade and has written quite a number of blockbuster movies.
“My Life My Damage”, a flick from the trilogy of Damage movies features Tonto Dike, Bukky Wright, Kalu Ikeagu, Biola Williams, James Tucker, Bobby Obobo and others. The Damage triology is a movie collection of three distinct but interwoven stories aimed at advocacy for social issues; each story addresses important problems affecting individuals, families and society at large. “My Life My Damage” deals with the consequences of drug abuse and HIV/AIDS
The storyline revolves round a young lady whose reckless lifestyle got her caught up in the web of HIV/AIDS. The young lady who lives a reckless life abroad as a drug addict is given a rude shock when she discovers that she’s HIV positive and now has to seek redemption for herself.

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