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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Are wrinkles, age spots and dark circles making you look older than you feel? Blemishes got you feeling like a teenager the worst way? As every woman knows that corrective and perfect makeup is very helpful for hiding the flaws. Makeup can do wonders on your face. With makeup you can accentuate your favorite feature and also camouflage your least favorite features. reveals makeup tips to hide your flaws and look beautiful.

 START WITH PRIMER: If you're going to buy only one new product, make it a primer. These multi-purpose wonders moisturize skin, as well as creating a flawless canvas that anchors foundation.
Makeup primer is one of those beauty secrets that can make a big difference in the look and wear of your makeup. It preps your skin for makeup and creates a smooth base that makeup can adhere well to. If you’ve tried a foundation that looks fantastic only to be disappointed with the results, using makeup primers can make a big difference. Even if you are happy with the foundation you are currently using, a layer of cosmetics primer underneath can bring it to a whole new level.

FLAWLESS FOUNDATION:  Foundation is a standard part of most women’s makeup routines, but applying it is not as simple as you may think. Most women spend a lifetime searching for the perfect foundation that won’t cake, crease or clog pores. The newest foundations put light-reflecting technology centre stage, with impressive results. Uses pigments and molecules to bounce light and achieve a flawless finish.

DON’T FORGET CONCEALER: If there's anything worth investing in for flawless skin, concealer is one of these secret face makeup weapons.  Make sure the concealer matches your skin. See how it looks in bright light or sunlight. It should blend so well that it seems transparent on the skin, yet it hides the desired areas. A more natural look is when you use sheer layers. If you use it on blemishes, be sure to add a dab of face powder on top or the highlighting concealer will draw attention to them.

METALLIC EYELINER: Metallic Eyeliner gives your eye that extra sparkle to emphasize your eyes. The chrome effect of a  Metallic Eyeliner makes your eyes gleam and just puts you in the spotlight like a true rock star!

 SHIMMERING EYE SHADOW: If you're a fan of shimmering eye shadow, it's easy to overdo it when you wear those sparkly shades by day. Still, there are some ways to show off your glamorous side with a touch of shimmer. The key to making a shimmering eye shadow work by day is to stick with neutral color palettes and steer clear of shadows infused with glitter altogether. Pearl shadows and some mineral shadows can help to create a toned-down version of your favorite nighttime look.

PERFECT YOUR POUT: Glosses are the conventional go-to for boosting lips as they reflect more light than lipsticks. But they can look a bit teenage. New generation lippies, offer serious shine and strong, lasting colour, so you get the same effect without a gloopy gloss.

FINISHING TOUCHES: Powder is used to mattify, but a dewy finish is more youthful — there's no danger of that powdery-old-lady look. The latest products offer the best of both worlds with silica-based formulations that moisturize skin.
Silica-based foundation is a type of makeup that works by applying a shining and smoothing agent to the facial skin, as well as a moisture sealant. Essentially, it is used as a base to smooth and even skin lines and tones. This type of foundation is often favored for a long-lasting or specialized look, as it tends to produce a smooth and unblemished canvas from which to begin applying other makeup.
Silicone foundation is typically used by women with normal to dry, as it holds in moisture. It typically is avoided by women with oily skin, as it will prevent excess moisture from escaping.

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