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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Nose rings/studs have been an integral part of fashion amongst the stylish yet classy females. In earlier days, wearing the nose rings  or nose studs was only limited to the females from wealthy families. Providentially as now things have become more universal, nose piercing is within society acceptable norms for each and everyone who is willing to go for it irrespective of the status.
Women are so much in to piercing their noses & to get the nose stud/ring prominent they go on the extent of buying costly studs and nose rings.
There is no room to place any doubt that this is quite a unique way to stand out being stylish.

But hey! This is 2013. Some people believe it is now outdated. While others believe it’s not for everyone. On some, it looks ugly and common, but I have seen some people manage to pull it off and look good. Depends on the person though.

Everyone has different views on body modification and different reasons for doing it.... Do you think it’s tacky or cute?


  1. Its cute on tiwa, but av always considered it tacky, I guess it depends.

  2. It looks cute not tacky. On some people stud looks great and on some rings, depends on the person's face.

  3. I think it looks hot for the most part, but I find many people over 50 don't like it, because they find it "distracting" or worse. I think it becoming more common in my area among younger women.

  4. I find nose pins kind of cute!!! It changes the look of a girl, small bright pins look elegant.
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  5. I love nose piercing infact I got one on but am disappointed cuz my dream job been a model sometimes don't accept models with a pierced nose am really disappointed