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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Every once in a while the Devil has dug up the past and inferred that I need to feel grief about all my pain and sorrow that has been in my life. He has put into my mind that it’s a fact of life. It happened and I probably will never fully recover from it and when it comes up I must go into pain and grief again. I got saved about twelve years ago and that has brought me a lot of healing, but I wasn’t sure if I would ever be free of the pain of my childhood completely. I didn’t know if it could keep coming up to bother me again.
I was sick of having my past come up every so often and have to deal with the pain again; so, I took it to the Lord and said that this just shouldn’t be. I needed to be healed here on earth and put all this aside for all time, and concentrate on the present and the future. And I asked him fervently how I could do this. I felt like He said that I had to “give it to Him.” But I didn’t know how and I asked Him for His help in getting me to that place where I could do it.
I kept pressing in with Jesus and looking for the answer and I was always in my Bible and paying attention to all that it said about things. I again came upon the Scripture that says, forgetting the things that came behind and looking forth to that which is before.

I wanted to do that but still didn’t know what the holdup was, so I kept seeking the answers from Jesus and the Bible. Then it dawned on me, shortly after I started earnestly seeking the answer, that I don’t have to be sorrowful anymore! I can kick the Devil out when he comes to remind me that I still need to be grieving for my childhood and all the mistakes I made, and when he told me that it all was too terrible to ever put behind me.
You may not think that it is the Devil that is putting all these things in your mind but believe me it is! He won’t give you a moment’s peace if you believe his lies and don’t tell him to get behind you, in the Name of Jesus!
Than I started claiming victory over all these things In Jesus Name and I told the devil to get lost every time he came around to torment me. I would no longer stand for it!

I spoke Scriptures that would give me victory over all obstacles in my life. They are powerful when spoken in faith and determination! Speaking Words of Scripture has the power to overcome anything! That’s what Jesus provided them for…to use! I find that it works when you speak the Word of God! Speaking it gets me through the longest day! It gives you peace and confidence that you can make it through anything!
When you thank and praise Him for all things no matter what is going on in your life you will stopping doubting and complaining about your life and just trust and rest in Him!
You will know that He has your life in His capable hands and that He will not fail you! He will take care of you and work everything out for good that happens or has happened in your life! He knows the end from the beginning! He knows what best!

Your terrible experiences and tragedies won’t be wasted! Jesus will heal you and bring something good out of it. Now that you have suffered much you can use your experiences in life to help others and comfort them: since you have been in the same shoes as they have. When it comes down to it, it isn’t about our life and our will but it’s about Jesus and His Will for our life! When we learn that, life is so much more joyful knowing we no longer have to worry about anything. Jesus will help us through everything, no matter how difficult or unpleasant.
All we need do is turn to Him with all of our heart and ask Him to help us.
First we have to make sure that we have repented of our sins.  Then you must obey John 3 and become “born again.” When you are born again you will be filled with the Holy Ghost and you will speak with other tongues, just as described in the book of Acts.
Hopefully, you will continue to go to church for support and guidance from the loving people there. Your Bible of course, is your main Guide, and Comfort.

..........THE END

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