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Saturday, September 7, 2013


'Mother of George' is a vibrant, touching and universal movie that portrays a couple navigating through the crevices of marital mishaps. The movie is produced by Andrew Dosunmu, a New York based Nigerian film maker. The movie received the Cinematography Award (U.S. Dramatic) at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. The cast of the movie include Bukky Ajayi and Tony Okungbowa . The movie is lavished with vibrant colors, which include Ankara and adire fabrics.

The movie is the perfect vehicle for Dosunmu, a former fashion photographer whose images have appeared in a variety of international publications to showcase his style. As a filmmaker, Dosunmu says he intends to bring the weight of the African tradition to film-making. With bold, rich imagery that involves frequent close-ups, Dosunmu puts the microscope on one ordinary family with a universal story and the result is a beautiful work of art. 

“Mother of George” releases in theaters September 13.

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  1. "Mother of George" is the best movie. There showing many important and teaching netter. I like this movie.
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