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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Nkiru Anumudu belongs to the class of celebrity ladies who dominate the society scene in Nigeria. Over the last decade, she has become a formidable personality and a force to be reckoned with. Her claim to fame is, well, her riches. She always dazzles with her style, which has the signature of limited edition designer outfits, shoes, bags and jewelry. Not to mention her legendry heavy layer of made-up face.
Due to a facelift operation gone wrong, Nkiru has to live with a permanently startled look, which we have kind of gotten used to.
Nkiru possesses an intimidating fashion style and consistent attendance at A-list parties.
Mrs. Anumudu is the Executive Director Globe Motors and was known years back for her weird and wacky neckpieces, but now, she seem to be shifting her love to out-of-the-ordinary-looking headpieces.
Recently, Nkiru has been making quite a huge statement with her choice of outfits.

It all began at the Elite Model look 2013, where the Globe Motors ED surprised the fashion world when she stepped out in a trench coat and a fascinator designed to the style of a shoe. Personally, I was impressed with her style, (that is the choice of headpiece, and not the trench coat) because she decided to take a fashion risk and create her own style. The headpiece was also made of cinnamay, which made it have the feel and element of a fascinator. This was really a fashion forward move.
Her next big fashion event was the day 1 of the GTB LFDW, which saw the society lady stepping out in a dress and head piece made to the design of a pineapple. She also accompanied the outfit with a matching pineapple purse. This seemed a little bit over the edge, but ‘madam’ seemed comfortable in her outfit. Day 3 of the fashion week was her next fashion outing and this time, she chose a cherry headpiece!

Ok, now I think Nkiru is taking this fashion forward thing a bit too far! It doesn’t matter if an English heiress wore a similar piece or not. First of all, the weird headpieces were worn in quick succession. It looks as if she is deliberately trying to make a point too fast.

 I love the idea of creating your own style and not moving with the trend, but going over the top is not really cool. I think she should slow down a bit on the wacky headpieces as we need time to get over one look before she pops a new one on us and by the way, the cherry headpiece would have looked better tilted to the side if the head and not worn directly on top!


  1. As much as I love people expressing their style in their own unique way, I think she's taking hers a lil bit too far, the shoe headpiece irked me a lot, it's a No! I understand she's trying to make a fashion statement but this is really awkward!

  2. waohhh never knew she had a facelift and all ohhh..thats why its not good to judge people I just assumed her face was like that..I was also fascinated by her fashion sense and also recently did a piece on her recently..

    please Ild really appreciate If you could add me to your bloglist

    I have added you as well Many Thanks..

  3. i just think she is too old for all this attention seeking garb. she is supposed to be a classy socialite, not a wannabe celebrity. she is a super rich lady and should be in the class of people like Bola shagaya, Erelu Dosunmu etc. she can choose to stand out by wearing English wears, but not funny looking attention seeking headpieces

  4. I just cant believe the way this woman shows her face at almost every event these days. makes it look as if she is jobless, if she is really a top executive, then she should be too busy to be jumping to every small event. am sure the executive director thing is just a front, just a tittle she bears and does virtually nothing at the office, that is if she even goes there at all. I bet she spends all her days browsing for the latest designer items to shop for. Money she did not work for.