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Thursday, May 1, 2014


Elvina Ibru, Gloria Ibru and Monalisa Chinda @ an event in Lagos, April 2014. The  Ibru sister  obviously looked trimmer

 Popular Ibru sisters and daughters of billionaire businessman Olorongun Michael Ibru- Gloria, Elvina and Obukome Ibru  have been renowned for being as big as they are bold. Well that has changed as they have decided to shed some of that weight.  They've been stepping out at several events looking quite trim.
According to what gathered, the weight loss was actually initiated by Gloria Ibru, she used to be the biggest.
Elvina Ibru before weight loss
Elvina Ibru recently opened up on the reason behind the weight loss, this is what she said;  "I think Gloria, my elder sister, started it . Initially, she was the biggest amongst us all. She started losing weight first. Then I was getting bigger by the day. So 2 years ago, after Gloria inspired me with her gradual weight loss, I started telling myself that I could do it too. I guess what eventually triggered it off was that I had been big all my life but I never had any sickness or illness. It got to a point when I was beginning to feel sluggish. I felt I was suddenly trapped in my own body. There were some things that I had always loved to do, but my body was just not responding.
So I was asking myself, what was  happening in my body? Also I was feeling little ache at my back, and I just had a little son. So I asked myself how I was going to be enjoying and playing with my little son when I could not even lift my body. So it was not really about being prettier or being more beautiful that I lost weight. It was more about my health. Though I never had health challenges attached to my former weight.
The Ibru Sisters with Monalisa Chinda before weight loss
At my biggest, I weighed 210kg and I am 5 feet 11. That is a very large person! But I didn't have ailments like diabetes, cholesterol or hypertension except for small ache at my back. I didn't want a situation where I had to get to where I became unhealthy. So I had to nip in the bud, the overweight. I cannot now talk about my diet because I am not through yet. I still want to go down 16-20 more kg. That is the size I feel I should keep, not because that is what health experts say, but what I feel I want.

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