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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Makeup can work wonders -- especially if you know how to apply it like a pro. Most women just throw on make-up. It is very important to spend some time doing your daily make-up routine. Blending is the key to beautiful results. In this article, presents to you makeup techniques that will help you in your routine.

Before any makeup is applied, a professional makeup artist will cleanse the model’s face – even if the model already did.When you’re learning how to put on makeup you absolutely must do this step. Skincare really is the starting point to smoother skin.

This is one of those secret makeup ingredients that will result in a professional makeup look. It’s like placing a smooth layer over your skin. No makeup artist is without one and you won’t be either once you try it. The best makeup advice is this – try several different primers. There’s a big difference in these products and you need to find the best makeup primer that works for you.

Apply a small amount of liquid foundation onto the a cosmetic wedge. Begin on the middle of your cheek, using downward and diagonal strokes. Blend into the side of your nose, into the upper part of your lip (right below your nose) and into your chin. Blend into the hairline in your forehead, in your cheeks (above and below your ear).
Blend a small amount on your earlobe. Make sure to apply foundation down your neck and jaw bones.
Check for any uneven blotches around your face area. If there are, blend them in so that your face looks even.
Repeat process on both sides of your face.

Apply a small amount of powder foundation onto a different wedge, and blend lightly onto face using downward and diagonal strokes. Apply more if needed or desired.
Blend into hairline as well.

Take the eyebrow pencil, and from the front start making upward motions, and continue throughout your entire eyebrow. Blend lightly. Use the eyelash/eyebrow comb and comb your eyebrows upward through your eyebrow, once you have achieved the color you are looking for.

Take an extremely neutral colored base colored (this should match your skin tone exactly) eyeshadow and apply generously onto cosmetic brush. Apply all over eye, from lash to brow line. Be careful not to get any powder on your colored eyebrows.
Use a brush with 2 or 3 darker shades being careful not to make them too dark, because they are going to be all the way up to your eyebrows, (it would look unnatural and goofy), and brush from the outer portion of your eye up to your eyebrow, (sort of like a line) this will serve as a guideline.
Make your way towards the inner part of your eye, brushing from the eyebrow to the bottom of your lid, using downward motions'.
Blend with your finger or another wedge; lightly run or pat over your eye and if more needs to be applied, you may do so. Blending is important!

Use a darker colored eyeliner, and and starting from the inner part of your eye, stipple (like dots) on your lash line, and in the inside of your inner eye.
Blend lightly with a Q-tip or your finger and if more is needed, apply more. Remember to keep it natural.

Do not pull down your bottom eyelid area! Look in the mirror, and apply the eyeliner looking strait ahead. Use a lighter color (taupe or brown with a little black), and starting in the part of your eyelid closest to your nose, stipple all the way to the back of your eye. Blend lightly (with a Q-tip).
If there are uncolored areas that you didn't get directly on your eyelash line, stipple as much as needed on the target spot, then blend with a Q-tip. Your entire bottom eyelid should look even and blended.

Grasp your eyelashes very lightly at the root and pull toward the tip to remove any powder that has accumulated before applying mascara.
Brush mascara on the top of your eyelashes from the roots, to the tips.
Stop when there is not trace of powder. It isn't necessary to make it as heavy as when you are going to start at the bottom.
Brush the bottom of the lashes making a zig zag motion a zig-zag motion all the way out to the tips.
Make sure to get the lashes at either end of your eye. When doing them, you may need to angle the brush so that it reaches to the roots.
Try to touch the skin on your lash line, so that it fills in any uncolored spots the eyeliner couldn't reach.

Avoid touching the skin on your eyelash line, because you have already applied eyeliner. If you put mascara on your eyelash line, it makes your eyes look droopy.
Buy a cheap 5X magnified mirror , so you can see your bottom lashes clearly and very closely. If you are not able to buy one, look really closely into a regular mirror.
Brush starting at the roots, and zig-zag evenly to the tips. Be sure to get all of your lashes.

Apply an uncolored chapstick to moisten your lips before applying lip liner. Next take the lip liner and draw a line around the rim of your upper lips. The lines you make should not be really bold and dark. But if you accidentally make them like that, pat your finger over your lip until they look blended.
Repeat with the bottom lip. It is necessary to look closely into a mirror, because most of the time, you can barely see the lines of your lips, unless you look closely at them. Sometimes your lip lines will blend into your skin, if so, lightly line them.

Use a natural colored lipstick, and lightly pat all over lips. Do not rub the lipstick on your lips when applying it. Patting it will give it a 'tint' and will last longer. Lightly smooth your lips together until the color looks even.
Pat some more uncolored chapstick on top of the lipstick, so it will set it, and make it last.

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