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Monday, September 15, 2014


In the eyes of many, popular Nollywood star, Tonto Dikeh, is controversial. Many have even criticized her over her lifestyle. But contrary to the general impression, the Dirty Secret star has some humane side to her, as she has recently floated a foundation called Tonto Dikeh Foundation.
The actress, who recently delved into music under the DB Records, posted a picture of an abandoned baby tucked inside a Shoprite-branded polythene bag and rescued by her team.
The actress, who expressed sadness over the sight of the abandoned baby, wrote on her Instagram page that thee reason she decided to establish a foundation is to help the needy, the poor and raped victims.
In a tweet, she wrote: "Woke up, crying bitterly. I've never seen so much innocence in a paper bag. Why do we do evil? Why are our hearts so dark? Nine months in vain? I have a foundation called The Tonto Dikeh Foundation, which supports teenage pregnant ladies due to rape or mistake. We try to support financially and look for charity homes for abandoned kids. I will leave information of the foundation as soon as I am done working it out, so we can help each     other, only if we open up our minds to God."

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