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Monday, March 30, 2015


Maki Oh‘s new collection for Fall 2015/16 plays with the idea of acquired identities due to West Africa’s history with cultural appropriation. This collection seeks to tell a story with layering, asymmetrical hemlines, sheer inserts and so much more, giving life and depth to these pieces.

According to the brand -
“As an advocate for all things truly African, Maki Oh uses true African textiles like Adire, Aso-oke, Akwa Ocha, Oja and more to continue to illustrate to the world (and Africans) that we have desirable, couture quality local textiles. Ankara fabric (Dutch Wax) does not have its origins in Africa. It is imported from Holland, India, Turkey, China and even England. But the world and even some Africans think this fabric is African. Holland’s Vlisco’s current website proudly states “Vlisco has been romancing the men and women of Central and West Africa for almost 170 years and has been embraced as the very fabric of life in many societies.“

This seasons collection has been adopted from different cultures all over the world. The fabrics used in the Fall 2015/16 collection are unique for the use of  silhouettes, prints and embellishments that have been inspired by a total adoption of foreign ideas that also have similarities to Nigerian traditional attire.

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