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Friday, March 4, 2016


Mother's Day 2016 is on Sunday March 6, and with the big day creeping up on us, it's time to start planning the perfect present to spoil mum. It can be difficult to decide what to get, especially if your mum insists that she already has everything that she needs. You want to give something that says "thanks for being a great Mom," without resigning her to the kitchen by giving her a "helpful" cooking appliance, or making her feel old by gifting a knitting or crocheting kit, or proving that you had no time by handing her a Hallmark card that reads like a cheesy novel. Clothes are tricky. Flowers are overdone. Chocolates imply no thought.
A gift for the most important woman in your life on a day when you are thanking her for her often-thankless work has got to be good. In this article, presents some gift ideas for Mother's day.

Perfume is the perfect gift for really any woman. It shows thought, effort and taste on your part and if it's the right perfume for her, she will be forever thankful. Why? Because scent is the strongest link to memory -- every time she smells it, she will be reminded of your love and appreciation.
With the best and brightest perfumes new for the season as well as a nod to a couple classics, you can find a scent that matches your mum's essence be it youthful, glamorous, sophisticated, sexy, or ultra feminine.

Treat her to the golden necklace that will go great with almost any ensemble. The three-tiered chain with linked loops gives off a look of elegance while still being casual for everyday wear.

Upgrade her reading chair , sofa or couch with unique pillows she'll keep forever. Upgrade your favorite pictures of you and Mom, and design a pillow. You may want to have some tissues ready though, since this gift is sure to warm her heart.

Upgrade your mom's shades to a colorful retro set.  Complete with shiny gold embellishments and a pretty purple tint,  don't be surprised if she sports this chic accessory on cloudy days.

If one bouquet cheers up Mom, imagine what six vases worth can do! Fill each bubble with different colored blossoms for a beautiful bloom experience.

This everyday essential is function meets fashion. It's spacious enough to carry all of Mom's belonging while still looking chic.

If your mom loves to "do it herself", forgo the gift certificate to a nail salon and present her with four lovely shades of nail polish.  With a wide spectrum of colors to choose from, she will be using this set all season long.

Make card - writing even more enjoyable for her with a stunning canvas.

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