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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


At least 1,000 people have died since the natural disaster hit the western hemisphere's poorest country. Since Hurricane Matthew tore through Haiti, at least 1,000 people have died and 1.4 million are in need of humanitarian assistance. 

Many towns in the south-western part of the country have been almost totally destroyed.  The poorest country in the western hemisphere, Haiti was still rebuilding following a devastating 2010 earthquake. 

In particular, the prospect of a spread of disease has relief workers concerned – more than a dozen people have died of cholera since the storm. 

The following organisations are working on the ground to alleviate the crisis and are appealing for donations: 

Three tonnes of water purification equipment – urgently needed to halt the spread of cholera and other diseases – are being delivered by Oxfam, along with construction materials. The charity is also worried about the damage to agriculture caused by the hurricane – in many affected areas, the vast majority of people relied on self-sufficiency farming.
"Our greatest fear is that loss of crops and possible spread of cholera and other diseases will cause more deaths than the actual hurricane over the next days and weeks,” said Damien Berrendorf, Director of Oxfam in Haiti.
"We are talking about extremely vulnerable people who have lost absolutely everything. They will not recover their livelihoods or reach minimum survival conditions without significantly more support."

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The UN’s Children’s Fund has estimated that half a million children live in the areas worst affected by the hurricane. Unicef teams on the ground are hoping to raise at least £4 million to help address the needs of children caught up in the disaster.
In particular, they want to provide safe water and restore health services, including taking precautions against malnutrition.
In addition, Unicef - which is entirely reliant on donors - plans to set up temporary classrooms and implement measures to help protect children from exploitation and abuse.

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As well as responders helping families affected by Hurricane Matthew, Save The Children are distributing hygiene kits, mosquito nets and care packs for babies.The charity will also set up safe spaces for children to rest and recover. 

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Action Aid has been present in Haiti since 1996 and, like other charities, has contacts and programmes within local communities. Food, water and cholera kits – containing hygiene and water purification equipment – are being distributed by the charity. 
“Homes and crops have been totally destroyed, supplies of food and water are fast running out and disease is beginning to spread,” said Yolette Etienne, who is leading the charity’s response on the ground.
“The next few days are a race against time to save lives.” 

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