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Friday, October 21, 2016


Nollywood actress and producer, Stephanie Okereke -Linus has made an appearance in a new Hollywood movie, titled Boonville Redemption.

The movie which was set in the second generation of slave trade in America, Stephanie plays Doris, a compassionate lady who forms a bond with Belinda, a young girl in search of her biological father.

The movie is a Christian play as it show how some characters faith in God would be able to see them through the odds

Doris, the character played by Stephanie Linus  is a free slave living with her uncle and she makes it a duty to be kind-hearted, taking care of 13-year-old Belinda’s grandmother, Miss Mary, as well as providing shelter for a young boy.

Stephanie features alongside Hollywood actors, Pat Boone, Diane Ladd, Edward Asner, Emily Hoffman, Nicholas Neve Shari Rigby, Richard Tyson in the  movie.

The movie was directed by Don Schroeder.

Watch the trailer below

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