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Friday, November 30, 2012


Destinee and Essence Martins are the new Venus and Serena Williams, cloned from Nigeria. The 11-year-old twins are very promising and could rule tennis a decade from now. Born in Britain, the twins were discovered in Edgware, at a public park in North London.
Their father David Martins is a computer software analyst who is currently out of work and is originally from Nigeria but settled in the United Kingdom 25 years ago and met his wife Sheri, who is from Manchester.

David's girls are already attracting interest. Major manufacturer, Gosling GTC Centre in Welwyn Garden City has given scholarships to the where they get four hours of education and some time for practice.
Destinee have started very well racking up all the national titles in her age group since she started playing and appears to have an uncanny tactical awareness, but Essence is yet to find her winning formula although she has similar ability.

Their father only learnt tennis rules by reading but it seem he has discovered gold in his home.
Destinee's success has particularly caught Coleman's attention and that of other coaches. Technically her style is similar to Serena Williams, her role model.

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