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Thursday, September 4, 2014


One of the most common skin flaws that people face are in fact these exact dark circles under their eyes. I hear it all the time..."how can I get rid of the dark circles under my eyes?"
Here are a few tips for you:
(Remember, we are working close to your eyes so be careful!)

- Use moisturizer every night below your eyes. This will provide the hydration needed to the thin skin that is below your eyes.

- Each night before you apply the moisturizer, slice a cucumber, lay down on your back and place a slice over each of your eyes.  Relax and let the slices rest on your eyes for 15 minutes. Not only will this help, but it is extremely relaxing and refreshing after a stressful day!

- Avoid alcohol and smoking, and make sure that you are drinking 6-8 glasses of water throughout the day.

- Buy some black or green tea bags.  After you make your cup of tea, keep the tea bag, squeeze out any excess liquid, and allow it to cool down.  Once you have 2 of them, lay down and place one over each eye. Let them sit for 15-20 minutes. Do this daily for best results.

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